There are a variety of different ways that people can help us here at RSPCA Radcliffe, whether it is volunteering their time to fundraise, care for the animals or offer their skills to help us in specific areas, such as gardening or grounds work.

If you would like to volunteer for us in some way then please do get in touch. Due to our rebuild we have had to put our usual volunteer application process on hold. However there could be other ways you can support us, for example students from Nottingham Trent University produced this news bulletin to suggest ways that the public can contribute.

We are committed to helping students with their education and promoting a positive animal welfare message. Many media students choose the centre to create a short films such as this one that will be of benefit to our work and animals whilst aiding their studies.

Find out more about becoming a volunteer by reading or downloading our handbook.

Volunteer Handbook

Why Volunteer?

We rely on volunteers to carry out a variety of duties to help the running of the animal centre, from fundraising to dog walking, volunteers play a vital role at the animal centre and are of huge support for the Trust and it’s work. Your skills and abilities could make a real difference to the animals in our care.

Any volunteer vacancies will be advertised on our website, however if you would like further information about volunteering then please email volunteer@rspca-radcliffe.org.uk!

Current Opportunities

We are about to embark on a large rebuild here at the centre. The rebuild will involve a much needed new reception, adoption and education building.
Throughout the process there will be a lot of disruption to routine and the need for changes and additions to daily procedures. To ensure safety to all our people and animals we have been advised to temporarily cease the recruitment of new volunteers whilst these works take place.

We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment caused. We do not want to lose potential volunteers so please keep an eye on our web page where we will announce the restart of volunteer recruitment.