Puppy Training

Training a Deaf Puppy

We wanted to highlight the hurdles animals also face in a silent world……. Badger and Bodger are both completely deaf. Below our training video explains with positive training, patience and dedication,  just how rewarding and clever our 4 legged friends are ❤️

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Down Command

Here is our second training video with crucial tips on recommended do’s and don’ts on training your dog. First a recap of last week, the ‘sit’ command and this week we are focusing on the ‘down’ command.

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Introduction and Sit

We have put together a few short training videos to help with some of the basics of dog training. Here are a few indicators of how to successfully train your dog: Reward Command Praise Release Command Part one is an introduction to dog training with tips on recommended do’s and don’ts of training plus the… Read more »

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