Rebuild Appeal

As an independent trust we are always striving to improve the adoption and animal welfare experience here at RSPCA Radcliffe and our Centre will shortly be embarking on a new Rehoming and Education facility. Our new facility will ensure our customer pet adoption process is an enjoyable and fully supportive one, providing animal education and post adoption advice and support along the way. We are committed to training, assisting and nurturing apprentices so they become confident, motivated and competent individuals in all aspects of animal care and have the knowledge to assist you in finding your perfect match.

We take great pride in continuing the development of young people to prepare them for the challenges and rewards within their future chosen careers.

Our existing reception area dates back to the 1960s and over the years has began to look tired and run down and is no longer fit for purpose. The trustees recognise their obligations as both employers and to the general public.The completion of this is the final phase in what has been a decade of modernisation of our animal welfare facilities.

We are aiming to raise a total figure of £500,000 in order for us to complete the project, our current funds stand at a total £250,000 so far. We have set up a separate rebuild appeal which means the donations for the project have to be in addition our normal day-to-day funds.

The project will commence shortly, with completion expected in October, however our aim is to keep everyone up-to-date with the projects progress through our blog and social media sites, so it is worth checking back regularly.


Our current reception building.

Our new animal viewing area

We have a purpose-built area that simulates a home garden environment and provides adoptees with the opportunity meet and greet their potential pet on a one-to-one basis.
Similarly over in the cattery we have an adoption room where you can play and give your potential new cat or kitten lots of fuss!
We recommend that you come back and visit your new pet as much as you can so you can start building that special bond.

Our new centre for education

Once our new rehoming and education facility is completed we will welcome visits from schools and local organizations during opening hours.

We can offer a guided tour and short presentation of our work within the animal centre.