General Donations

General Donations

So how much does it cost to keep the animal centre running?

We have calculated the average running costs to keep the animal centre open for 1 year. The expenditure includes:

  • Feeding and cleaning the animals
  • All veterinary costs and treatments
  • Maintenance of animal accommodation and the Animal Centre
  • Light, heating, water and telephone costs
  • Administration
  • Fundraising

It costs approximately £500,000 a year to keep our centre open, that's around £1400 a day!

Any donation can really make a big difference to the thousands of animals that we look after here at the Shelter.

Simply click the blue DONATE button below to make a donation. After making your donation, you will recieve an email asking you to confirm if you are a UK tax payer. Please reply to this email as this means we can claim an extra 28.2% on your donation.