How does your Fundraising Helps us?

The Animal Centre only exists through the continued kindness and generosity via the general public. It is these donations and legacies that allow us continue our work in helping animals in need. We are always looking for new ideas and people who are willing to get involved and fundraise on our behalf.

Fundraising Ideas

We encourage all forms of fundraising activities and welcome all ideas no matter how big or small because every penny counts. Maybe 2018 is the year you want to achieve your goals, or you want to set yourself a personal challenge, like climbing a mountain, or running a marathon! You will not only get a personal thrill from it but you will also be helping your local animal centre and making a huge difference the lives of animals. Whether you want to organise a sponsored dog walk, fun run or even something as simple as a cake sale, we want to hear from you!



Previous Fundraising Events

Previous fundraising activities here at the centre have included the Flyballers Stand Together reunion, which came about after an ex member of the Flyball Association was involved in a cruelty case involving around 30 dogs, who were transferred to us.  The dogs involved returned to the centre with their adopters a long with Members of the Flyball Association who presented a £12,500 cheque to centre to thank us for the hard work and dedication it took to rehabilitate the dogs whilst in our care. Of course the day wasn’t complete without a demonstration of what comes most naturally to these canines, Flyball!

The benefits of getting involved

By getting involved you will be helping to give our rescued animals the best chance of rehabilitation and successful rehoming. We are keen to grow a network of fundraisers in order to support Radcliffe Animal Centre.

Like Ruby who set up her own fundraiser for RSPCA Radcliffe through a ‘Guess How Many Gummy Bears?’ challenge and raised £75.00 for the centre! We really appreciate people like Ruby who go out of their way to do their bit for local charities.

You can also get involved with fundraising events organised by the centre, for example our Puppy Cuddles which we have recently set up. These do not only raise funds for the centre but also help to socialise the pups in our care and help acclimatise them to people of all ages.

All money raised goes towards the upkeep of our animals here at the centre, and with thousands of animals coming through our doors each year this money really does make a difference and help us to continue our work, rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in need.

If you want to get involved with an upcoming fundraising event then keep an eye on our events page, where all future fundraisers will be listed. If you would like to set up your own event then please let us know by emailing


Valentines Puppy Cuddles 2018 from RSPCA Radcliffe on Vimeo.